Nights aren't allowed to arrive soon anymore.
The time has come for the clock's changing of hands.
That has me thinking about baseball again.
which is to have changing of hands as well.

The time glass starts for some that has played
the game that they've loved since a younger age.
This season is to be their last hurrah.
Time will tell if rookies can fill their shoes.

This season could be good. We won't have today tomorrow.
In November, memories is all that we'll have.
Enjoy the season's moments as they take place.
You can go back and read the book whenever you want.

Each second is to be a letter turning minutes into words.
Each hour is to be a sentence turning days into paragraphs.
Each week is to be a section turning months into chapters.
Each season creates another book, which we're soon to enjoy,
as we say good-bye to some and see the changing of hands.

Wayne Ward